In 1994, Advanced Armament Corporation, or AAC as it came to be known, was formed to design and manufacture the best silencers in the world. AAC was the innovator of suppressors and leading edge with technology at the time. And we still are.

We are passionate innovators of silencers and desire nothing more than to see every firearm in the world suppressed.  

AAC continues to lead the industry in silencer innovation for one critical purpose: to minimize the sound signature and concussion of your firearm, allowing you and others around you to enjoy the shooting experience. No matter your objective – as a soldier, law enforcement, professional hunter, or enthusiast – you have the right to preserve your hearing to the fullest extent possible.

Our silencers are designed and tested to perform in the most adverse conditions on the planet because we believe that your gear functioning properly should be the last thought on your mind while conducting your mission, your hunt, or your experience on the shooting range.     

The only objective at AAC is to provide you, the end user, with a suppressor that exceeds your expectations and delivers unmatched performance.