We here at Advanced Armament Company (AAC) understand the market is moving to a universal rear thread pitch and we are here to help! With that being said, we are pleased to offer a re-coring service. We can re-core AAC 5.56 and 308 silencers that are not plug welded, converting them to the new Ranger family build specifications. We can also update older 18T models if they weren’t plug welded. This will allow the consumer to have a 1.375-24 threaded rear end, removable front-end caps, tubeless design, and will help to provide a reduction in blowback. For 5.56 silencers, this upgrade will give you oversized baffles for more clearance on SBRs and full auto. For 7.62 silencers, this will rate the silencer up to 300 Win Mag.

This service does not require a new Form 4 or a new tax stamp, as we re-use your existing serialized tube on the re-core. This service will reinstate the limited lifetime warranty back onto that suppressor. Please fill out the below form in order to get a return merchandise authorization (RMA) form started to have this done. If you have any questions or to see if your silencer qualifies, please fill out the contact form below.

There are some exclusions as to which models are included in this program.