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The AAC BLASTOUT™ 2.0 is a muzzle blast diversion device designed to dampen and redirect muzzle gasses. Using an 1-3/8-24 HUB socket with a forward taper, the BLASTOUT 2.0 is designed to accept removable AAC fast-attach and direct-thread modular mounting options and front-end caps. When employed with a an AAC fast-attach mount, the BLASTOUT 2.0 encloses the gas exhaust ports of the silencer-mounting muzzle device and shields the shooter and nearby personnel from the concussive effects of lateral and rearward escaping muzzle gasses. When used in a direct-thread capacity, the BLASTOUT 2.0 redirects muzzle gasses and provides a recoil reducing effect.

*Does not ship with mount.